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How to use forums

Post  t03y on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:41 am

Not familiar with forum boards? No worries, just read this.

Posting a reply to a topic

First of all, a topic is what you are reading right now. Lets say you want to reply to something I say. Well it is simple, under the main board (where the text is) there is 2 buttons, one on the left saying 'New topic' and one saying 'Post reply.' Click on post reply, and a white box will come up, this is where you type. When you have written what you want to post click on the send button below the box. Or if you have an attached image, you might want to preview your post first.

Creating a topic
Lets say you want to ask the fleet a question about starting tactics, click on the category, in this case would be 'Sailing help' and then comes a list of current topics (there may or may not be topics in there). To the left of the search bar, above the list, is a button saying 'New topic,' click that and a box very similar to posting a reply will come up, the only difference than posting a reply from here is your have to type a subject into the box, which is to the right of, well, 'subject.'

Quoting a previous post
Ok, to start with quoting is when you have a small box inside your post which says what someone has posted before you. So you want to quote what someone else has said in that thread about starting tactics, and say something about that. Above to the right of the persons post you wish to quote, there is a button that says 'quote,' press this and a box just like replying comes up, except there is a funny code in it. May look something like:
[quote author=Skiffie link=topic=6467.msg86238#msg86238 date=1247717542]
Another great song of theirs, "Say Goodbye". I love one review of the band (I think a cover note by Glenn A Baker in one of their compilation albums) - who else could get a crowd of p*ssed males singing "you don't make me feel like I'm a woman any more"?

All you do is after the last bracket press enter and type what you want on a new line

Posting Images
Ok, someone has made a topic in Sailing Chat, it is 'good sailing pics' a thread where everyone posts a good pic of sailing. There are 2 ways to do this, but as far as I know, the host only allows one. You upload your picture to an image hosting website. Make a profile, of coarse. I use When your photo has done uploading, hover the mouse over the image (in photobucket) and up comes a box with 4 different codes. Click in the last box called image code, and copy that. Come back into the forum, and paste that code into the white text box, and send.

You will need to be able to have multiple tabs open on your web browser to do this, so hold down control, and press T, and a new tab will come up, this is where you should type in the address box

Editing posts
Next to the quote box, over YOUR post, should be a box that says 'edit,' click that and the text box comes up with everything you had before.

Changing avatar, and signature
Firstly, for those who are unfamiliar with forums, you will not know what these are. An avatar is a small image the shows up under your user name when you post. A signature is a mid sized image, and/or text that goes under your post.

To change these, on the top navigation bar (under my lovely banner) is a button which says profile (when you're logged in) and click on that. It goes to another page. Then under the top navigation bar is another one, in that set of buttons is avatar and signature.

Your best bet to change your avatar is to upload one from your system (your computer system, we don't want some of last nights dinner on the forum) If the image is too big it will automatically be reduced.

For signatures, click on the signature button, and then in the box type quotes, slogans or whatever you want. You can put images in there, I have. to do this you need to upload your image into again and get the 'image code' and copy that into the text box.

I hope all this helped you. If not email, or send me a private message (just go to 'you have no new messages' button on the top navigation bar, and assuming you have used emails before, it is pretty self explanatory.

Cheers, t03y (Michael)

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